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Van Wingerden Greenhouses has a huge variety of premium 12 ” hanging baskets.


It is that time of year again to partner with Van Wingerden Greenhouse for your next fundraising event! We are excited to offer our 12” premium annual hanging baskets for your fundraising program. These baskets come in a beautiful line of different colors, textures and styles. A perfect Mother’s day gift! We have two different programs available to choose from. The first is for those who would like the hanging baskets delivered to their event or location. The second is for local Whatcom County groups who would like their donors to stop by our retail location in Blaine and pick out their hanging basket using a beautifully made gift certificate.

Delivery Option: We bring all the hanging baskets to your commercial location:.

Step 1. Your group pre-sells the hanging baskets.
Step 2. Consolidate all orders into one master order by April 10th, 2017.
Step 3. Final settlement of account balance anytime before April. 19th.
Step 4. We deliver the hanging baskets to your event/commercial Location*

Local Pickup Option: Your group pre-sells the hanging baskets to your donors using beautifully printed gift certificates. Your donors can then come directly to the VW Home & Garden retail center in Blaine, WA, between April 21st & May 31st, 2017, and pick out the 12” premium hanging basket of their choice.

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