Healthy veggies & herbs grown right in the kitchen.

Give your garden center some family centered excitement!



Something fun for your customers!

Now everyone can finally find that healthy snack they have been looking for with Snacker Funfoods. These little beauties are fully sustainable plants with tiny vegetables and herbs.

They are easy to grow and pick and will look amazing in your garden center. Safe to eat strait off the plant or even in a fresh homemade salad, it couldn’t be easier.

Additionally, Van Wingerden Greenhouses is offering a tremendous amount of marketing support to help you reach out to your customers.

These compact vegetables and herbs are a delightful, self growing, and refreshing option for families. Snacker Funfoods can be a hands on way, to educate children about the importance of fresh food as a part of healthy living.

Committed to help sell!

In addition to providing high quality product & delivery, we provide sales support with proven marketing materials:

  • Retail product support website.
  • Brand files & photography for use by your marketing team.
  • Order printed posters for in store marketing.
  • Online templates for eBlast and Blog support.