So, why do you need to stock lots of hydrangea you ask? The simple answer is because your customers want to buy them. Hydrangea are the single most googled plant on the internet, what more push do you need to prove that everyone loves these in their gardens. We make it point to search out the most unique and popular hydrangeas year after year and none fit this bill better than our on hand Proven Winners. These hydrangeas are cold tolerant, bud-hardy and early bloomers all traits making them our preferred choice. Check out some of Proven Winners new 2014 hydrangeas which we have readily available.


Hydrangea Serrata

This variation is exceptionally bud-hardy. The definition of a real rebloomer, this tiny tuff stuff is a terrific example. There is nothing that will stop this plant from reblooming. These lacecapped flowers grown in exciting numbers each year. Favoring blues, the color range is wide showing in pink to white, all gentle tones that fit perfectly in any elegant garden.


Oakleaf Hydrangea (Quercifolia)

This option has two amazingly distintive characteristics that help it stand out. With splendid flower panicles, superbly unique foliage shape and three varities to choose from (Gatsby’s Gal, Gatsby’s Star, and Gatby’s Moon) there is something for everyone. All the available options are compact with showy, pristine whit flowers.


Bigleaf Hydrangeas (Macrophylla)

These hydrangea are remarkably easy to grow, with large leave, masterful blooms and reasonably compact habit. There is two new introductions of Let’s Dance, a series that will bloom on either new or old wood alike add powerful coloration choices for this plant. Rhapsody Blue is a terrific mophead selection with a flower coloration that easily transfers from pink to blue.

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