Shifts in Trends Impacts Your Bottom Line

When our customers come to us they do it for our unmatched brilliance in color found in each of our vast selection of plants. Though everyone carries with them unique and ever changing preferences, there are always overlaying trends that help shine light on which colors are increasing or decreasing in overall popularity. Keeping up to date on these changes in trends is something we take very seriously here at Van Wingerden. It’s important to stay on top of retail research, but for us it simply is not enough, we invest the time to collect our own data as well to generate a full understanding of both national and local trend shifts, allowing us to properly meet the demand of a constantly changing market at all levels.

Importance of Keeping Up to Date

Throughout the last five years we have went out of our way to ask thousands upon thousands of gardeners to open up and enlighten us on their favorite color choices. These interactions have been held through online and phone surveys but even more importantly one-on-one conversations with our customers. This process has led us to find some colors that remain un-wavering timeless favorites whereas we have also been able to take notice of others that have recently risen in popularity. You can take a look for yourself in the charts below.

Color Trend (2009-2013)


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