It’s that time of the year again.

It’s that time of the year already to start thinking about poinsettia fundraising with Van Wingerden Greenhouses!

Our fundraiser program has been a huge success, not just for Van Wingerdens, but for every organization that has participated as well. This year we want more groups to take advantage of this great opportunity to raise funds.  This program is perfect, for church groups, sport teams, choirs, scouts, cheerleaders, 4-H Clubs or any group that needs a successful fundraising option.


We offer 2 different programs:  1) Distribution Program and 2) Coupon Program, for our local groups.   We appreciate your interest in our fundraising programs and look forward to working with you.

Distribution Program

Overview – If you believe the majority of your customers prefer the convenience of having their poinsettias delivered, we have an option for you.  You promote the program and consolidate your orders into one master order. We deliver to a specific location you specify or you can pick up at our greenhouse. Then you deliver your specific orders.  We offer red, white and pink poinsettias in 3 sizes; 4”, 6” and 10” all with complimentary pot covers.


  • You pre sell your plants in October and early November.
  • You consolidate your orders into one master order for us by Thursday, November 12th.
  • You take delivery of the plants on or before Friday, December 4th.  Care sheets will be included with your order.
  • Your balance is due by Friday, December 11th.

Coupon Program

Overview – This is a great option for those of you selling in Whatcom County. You pick up the number of coupons you expect to sell as a group and give each child/parent a set number to sell. They can collect the payment and give out a coupon in one trip. No hassle of delivering a plant later. The customer merely visits the Van Wingerden Garden Center and chooses from a wide variety of colors within the size they paid for. You may want to stress to coupon recipients that the best availability at our garden center is early December. On top of that, the customer will also receive an additional 10% off any purchase made at the time the coupon is redeemed.


  • Coupons will be issued from our Portal Way location. We do not send the coupons through the mail. Organizer is responsible for every coupon at the time of pick up.
  • All unused coupons not returned by December 4th will be billed in full.
  • Final settlement of account balance may be done any time on or before December 11th.
  • Your balance is due by December 11th.


Helpful Comments

  • Be sure to have sufficient help available when your order is picked up or delivered.
  • All orders need to be checked at time of delivery for the correct colors, numbers of each size, etc.  Once you have checked the order and the invoice copy has been signed, we will no longer be responsible for shortages and damage to plants.
  • For minimum orders please call the office
  • We do not accept checks from individuals, please pay us with one check or money order only for the entire order.
  • Please note your deadlines.  We begin to have availability issues after the deadlines. This makes for unhappy customers and stress for all of us.

Suggested Retail Price

Listed below is your cost including pot cover and sleeve. Suggested Retail is also listed below. What you charge your customers is up to you!

Your cost: Suggested Retail:

4” Poinsettia = $4.00 4” Poinsettia = $6.00

6” Poinsettia = $6.75 6” Poinsettia = $12.00

10” Poinsettia = $16.75 10” Poinsettia = $25.00

We appreciate your interest in our fundraising programs and look forward to working with you.   We hope to make this a fun, stress free experience!

Please, if you have any questions, contact Dan at (360)366-3906 extension 12

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