Snacker Tomato - Week 21These tomato plants are a sustainably grown mini-vegetable. Your customers can grow and eat the Snacker at home straight off the plant during the cold months and then plant in the garden when it warms up.

Customers will love this addition to your garden center. It is an immediate focal point and profit center. With the provided Snacker promotional materials, customers will be keenly interested. The Snacker tomato sells well by itself or together with the other Snacker products.

The plant sells best when it has only one red tomato, but filled with green tomatoes just ready to ripen. You can see the customer care instructions on the www.snackerfunfoods.com website.

Garden Center Floor Presentation and Maintenance

The tomatoes take a little work to maintain, but it is well worth the interest it brings to the garden center. It is important to keep the tomatoes well watered and fed. We recommend using common over-the-counter fertilizers once a week and daily watering. It is important to keep water consistent or the ripe tomatoes will begin to split. Look for yellow or brown leaves on the plants and pinch them off where the branch meets the stem.


*order early, call for availability

Growing Capacity 150,000
Size Approximately 12 to 16 inches
Availability 2015 April – May
2016 May 1 – July 15
*Place order early. Supply is limited.
Minimum 3 Racks (any item) per drop
Full Rack Amount 96 individual plants
Soil 1.50qt – 1.42L

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