The Van Wingerden Family has been a name in the Whatcom County greenhouse business since the 1980’s. We are filled with a long rich history of planters dating back to 1910 in the Netherlands where our original roots were formed. Throughout the years our excellence in service and high quality plants has made us a trusted name to all those around us as well as lead to our 14 acres of growing space and twenty greenhouses.

We are big believers in the importance of our community and support it in any way we can. There are many partnerships that we have dedicated ourselves to building through the best quality products available, competitive pricing and unbeatable customer services. We know that a company future is only as good as it’s customers, so we take every measure necessary in offering innovative and unique product to fit everybody’s individual needs.

Making sure our customers have access to the correct tools builds a strong foundation of trust and is our number one goal. Everything from our customer friendly information tags, our “Slide Show Racks” all the way to vendor friendly UPC labels and signage, it’s all carefully crafted to guarantee a winning situation for all parties. We try to put our “best root” forward in every aspect of our business, to ensure that every trip is an experience worth remembering.