Summer Succlent Centerpiece

Just in time for something that will be easy to care for yet provide great focal interest right in the middle of our hot summer.

The Summer Succulent Centerpiece comes in a fantastic ceramic 8-inch bowl and includes 5-6 select varieties of succulents designed by our professional centerpiece design team.

With the bowl and number of well-established succulents, it will surely impress at the recommended retail price of $24.99.

Perfect for the office Desk!

The large, dark leaves of the anthurium plant suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene, so they’re a thoughtful addition for any workplace.

These plants will bring an enjoyable experience to any meeting at your office workstation.

Enjoy a quick glance away into the jungle (good for your eyes) as you carefully examine the ever-changing nature of your new anthurium’s botanical display.

We are excited to announce a new wholesale succulent program with simply the highest quality premium 6-inch succulents in the market. We have 4 packages of succulents that are sure to be a hit for gifts, crafts, decoration, and parties. In addition, we offer premium support of our succulent plants at our new website, www.crispsucculents.com. Customers can submit questions to our growers, participate in contests for best picture, and ask questions of other succulent growers on our succulent faqs forum.

Crisp Blueberries are a popular items in many local stores.

Van Wingerden Greenhouses not only has 12 acres of greenhouses under production but also 65 acres of blueberry production. We produce approximately 800,000 lbs of blueberries which are highly valued locally and also distributed worldwide. They are available in our retail center from mid-July through August.

“We consistently get amazing quality fruit from the Van Wingerden farm. Our customers repeatedly rave when they arrive in July.” Jeff Peterson – Columbia Farms