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The Christmas Poinsettia Centerpiece

This festive holiday centerpiece includes a 4 inch Christmas Beauty Poinsettia, nicely bordered with frosty ferns. A well made 11x5x5 tin as well as water catch tray. The tin is fronted by a chalkboard containing a sticker that says, “Merry Christmas.” The sticker can be peeled away by the customer to write their own message in chalk.

Poinsettia Availability!

We have a nice selection of poinsettia available now!

Kitchen Rosemary in Red!

This makes a fantastic housewarming gift and will do quite well in the winter kitchen.

Tropical Mix Bowl Centerpiece

An amazing deal with a four inch anthurium and unique Van Wingerden grown ferns, all in a well made ceramic 8 inch bowl. This easy to care for centerpiece will add beauty as well as a bit of healthy filtered Oxygen to any room.

Trio Succulent Centerpiece

Talk about an amazing housewarming or office gift. This centerpiece is super easy to care for and will add personality to any space.


Two ferns and an anthurium in a unique ceramic trio joined pot design.

Cyclamen Poinsettia Centerpiece

This beautiful centerpiece is the perfect focal point for the holiday season.

Winter Primrose

Color up your porch planters through the winter. Properly cared for, these will burst into color at the very beginning of spring.

Helianthus Autumn Gold

Helianthus is the perfect winter perennial. This tightly mounded perennial brings fall color when others quit.

Frosty Fern

The frosty fern makes a great houseplant. It will cover soil and give your tall indoor plants a nice base of color.

Assorted 4 inch Ferns

Our 4 inch fern collection make amazing winter gifts.

Maidenhair Fern Hanging Basket

Maidenhair ferns are soft and lacy plants which have a variety of uses indoors and look absolutely stunning in a hanging basket.

Assorted Fern Hanging Baskets

We have some stunning combinations of unique indoor fern hanging baskets.

Cactus Starts

These mini cactus or succulent plants make a great party favor gift for a wedding, baby shower, company party, or bridal shower. There are nearly 21 million photos currently tagged #plants on Instagram. Check out the new trend of people naming their office cactus companions.

Hen's & chicks, Sempervivum Bowl

Their scientific name is Sempervivum, which means “live forever” because you have to try really, really hard to kill them. These will do quite well through a Pacific Northwest Winter.

Anthurium in Ceramic Pots

A perfect housewarming gift for the office or family holiday party.

Winter Pansies

Customers still want their porch planters and garden walkways full of color. Provide a little winter color with these cold hardy winter pansies.

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