We are holding our Customer Appreciation Day January 16th 2019.

Starting at 9:30AM you are invited to attend our annual customer appreciation day. We will have lots of product on the ground and in production. Come see how we sow, germ, patch, grow and ready our young plants for shipping!


9:30 Arrive – Warm Up with Coffee and Snacks
10:00 Welcome from Mike Van Wingerden – Brian Prosser Presentation on Changes at Vanwingerden.
10:10 Tanya Carvalho Presentation on Selecta 2020
10:30 Patching Machine Overview – Questions & Answers
10:45 Sow Line Overview – Questions & Answers
11:00 Green House Tour – Germ, Misting, Lay Down Strategy, Spraying, Moisture, LED, Shipping.
12:00 Lunch – Talk to the Growers (Will have two growers at each table)
1:00 Ball Floraplant & Questions | a
1:20 Overview of Our New Grower Truck Program for PNW & Canada
1:30 Finish Up

A catered lunch and early morning snacks and coffee will be provided.


As a top grower, we know what matters most to you: quality plugs.

That’s why we manage a state-of-the-art facility with optimum plant conditions. Whether it is the cool nights needed for optimum plug production or a facility to meet your seasonal needs. In fact, we deliver 45 million plugs a year to our customers, as well as 2 million veggie plugs for field crops. In our business maximizing potential means everything.The more you dig in and discover about Van Wingerden Greenhouses, the more you will see the difference!

“When it comes to service, Van Wingerden Greenhouses always perform above and beyond. They’ll work with you to ensure your plugs arrive fresh to your door based on your own production schedule. They are an important partner in our farming operation” — Jack Hulbert, Skagit Seed Services.

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