Van Wingerden Greenhouses adds Tropicals & Succulents.

VW’s Young Plant Division produces new sought-after varieties to better serve the industry.

BLAINE, WA – Van Wingerden Greenhouses recognizes the consumer demand for houseplants has rapidly increased in recent years and is still growing. As retailers find more consumers coming through their doors looking for foliage plants and succulents.

“One of our goals is for VWs to stay ahead of market trends and supply our customers with plants that are hard to come by,” says Tom Van Wingerden, Sales Director of Van Wingerden Greenhouses. “Adding succulents and tropicals to our young plant offering means our customers benefit from the specialized expertise we have in growing these products for the wholesale market. We’re looking forward to an exciting future of providing growers with an attractive array of different textures, patterns, and colors with these two new lines.”

For delivery options please contact your broker. We are well positioned to supply both the Canadian and US markets.

Many of our tropical and succulent trays can be found on Webtrack and will be available in 2021 to add to your Spring orders with new items like Calathea, Philodendron, Ficus, and Alocasia in the pipeline! You can also find our inventory weekly on our own Web app at

As part of our commitment to quality, we are adding the integration of more LED lights to our growing program. This is especially important when growing young plant starts as it keeps the plants from stretching for the sun during our northern latitude darker days and helps promote root growth and develop a stronger plant.

For additional information and photos of succulent or tropical products, please contact Tom Van Wingerden, at 360-366-3906.

At the time of this publication, we are getting into our traditional spring crops! Here at Van Wingerden’s, we pride ourselves on flexibility to meet our customer’s needs. Levi Van Wingerden, our Young Plants Division Manager, is exceptional at managing order changes and adjusting to customer needs. As a wholesale grower and retailer, we empathize with the many issues that we know a lot of our customers experience in the crazy Spring Season, so please contact us if you have special requests on your Spring orders. I’m positive we can always come up with a solution if presented with a problem. Don’t forget about our new items! These are great opportunities to add some flare to your Spring offerings and carry right through the rest of the year.


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As a top grower, we know what matters most to you: quality plugs.

That’s why we manage a state-of-the-art facility with optimum plant conditions. Whether it is the cool nights needed for optimum plug production or a facility to meet your seasonal needs. In fact, we deliver 45 million plugs a year to our customers, as well as 2 million veggie plugs for field crops. In our business maximizing potential means everything.The more you dig in and discover about Van Wingerden Greenhouses, the more you will see the difference!

“When it comes to service, Van Wingerden Greenhouses always perform above and beyond. They’ll work with you to ensure your plugs arrive fresh to your door based on your own production schedule. They are an important partner in our farming operation” — Jack Hulbert, Skagit Seed Services.