Healthy veggies & herbs grown right in the kitchen.

Give your garden center some family centered excitement!


As a top grower, we know what matters most to you: quality plugs.

That’s why we manage a state-of-the-art facility with optimum plant conditions. Whether it is the cool nights needed for optimum plug production or a facility to meet your seasonal needs. In fact, we deliver 45 million plugs a year to our customers, as well as 2 million veggie plugs for field crops. In our business maximizing potential means everything.The more you dig in and discover about Van Wingerden Greenhouses, the more you will see the difference!

“When it comes to service, Van Wingerden Greenhouses always perform above and beyond. They’ll work with you to ensure your plugs arrive fresh to your door based on your own production schedule. They are an important partner in our farming operation” — Jack Hulbert, Skagit Seed Services.

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