Re-Inventing Greenhouse Techniques

We at Van Wingerden Greenhouses pride ourselves on always striving to be the best in an industry where change is never-ending. It always starts right from the beginning with he first seed we plant, constantly searching for new and better ways to strengthen out product line. Test gardens are grown each year simply to try and grade plants, though we like to take even that a little bit further. When choosing new and innovating options making sure to not only select the most vibrant and strong, but also those that will flourish in our weather conditions. This stance makes us capable of presenting new and interesting plants to our customers, which greatly increasing the garden selection available to them each year.

It’s our goal to put the “Green” back into our greenhouses. Together with Farm Power, we have built a business on both sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. Van Wingerden makes use of a proven commercialized technology by the name of Anaerobic Manure Digester, to collect methane gases from manure created by local dairies within all our facilities. Farm Power than burns this methane to generate electricity and heated water as a bu-product of this revolutionary system which is then used to heat our greenhouse in Lynden. The leftover manure is then returned back to our partnered farms for use as livestock bedding now rid of any stenches and microbes. As for our Blaine greenhouses, the grass is just as green over there. Those facilities powered through clean and renewable wood pellets that allow for yet another sustainable method of heating.

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