Wednesday – January 16th – 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM

We had a great technical review meeting with Todd Cavins, Jason Twaddell & Chris Fifo from Ball Horticulture. We all agreed it is going to be an amazing season.

One idea that came up during our day-long tech day, was to bring back our customer appreciation day.

We would like to have it during a time where the Greenhouse is in full production, yet before all our customers get busy. So! … We decided to have our 2019 Customer Appreciation Day next month Week 3 (Wednesday January 16th starting at 9:30AM)


We have an exciting – information packed schedule set:

9:30 Arrive – Warm Up with Coffee and Snacks
10:00 Welcome from Mike Van Wingerden – Brian Prosser Presentation on Changes at Vanwingerden.
10:10 Tanya Carvalho Presentation Selecta 2020
10:30 Patching Machine Overview – Questions & Answers
10:45 Sow Line Overview – Questions & Answers
11:00 Green House Tour – Germ, Misting, Lay Down Strategy, Spraying, Moisture, LED, Shipping.
12:00 Lunch – Talk to the Growers (Will have two growers at each table)
1:00 Ball FloraPlant Presentation with Questions & Answers
1:20 Overview of Our New Grower Truck Program for PNW & Canada
1:30 Finish Up

Tanya Carvalho
(289) 231 9793
Product Representative

Manda Vuksanaj – Maybe Attending!
Product Manager
Ball Floraplant/ Selecta

Call for Buffet Type Catering: 40-50

Haggen’s Catering: Breakfast Snacks & Sandwiches
Red Robin’s Burger Lunch
Subway Sandwiches

If John, Dustin and Duayne come out, we can take them for the afternoon 2:00 – 4:00 to Semi-ah-moo for a discussion on Shipping, Growing and Customer Support (Communication) strategies for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. We can also provide Two night stay at Semi-ah-moo ($169 per night) and dinner + drinks.

John Van Beveren: Vancouver & Saskatchewan
Dustin: Alberta & Yukon – Northwest Territories?
Duayne: Manitoba & Western Ontario?

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