Located in the Northern part of the Pacific Northwest in Washington state lies the Canadian border and our quaint town of Blaine. This is where our father Mike Van Wingerden came to establish Van Wingerden Greenhouses in 1980. Since then we have had the opportunity to implement some of the most innovative growing practices which are being utilized and developed each day to bring healthy plants and hanging baskets to your nearby garden center.


Recently Van Wingerden’s Greenhouses was featured in Floral Daily, a well known online meeting place for the international horticulture industry.

Elvira Oosterbaan, a staff writer for the publication first contacted Tom Van Wingerden in June 2021 about the article. Tom worked with the Van Wingerden team to answer questions about the future wholesale plant production opportunities and worked with Elvira to write about those opportunities in the article.

The article includes a nice overview of the changes taking place in our Young Plant division, The launch of our new software, addition of LED lights, as well as a review of some of the new varieties Van Wingerden is now growing.

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12″ Premium Annual Hanging Basket


Notable Items available:
– 6.5″ Premium Annuals Begonia Dreams Frivola White
– 6.5″ Hydrangea
– 5.5″ Perennial Campanula Rapido
– 10″ Sunfinity Sunflower
– 5.5″ Perennial Rudbeckia Sonora
– 2.5″ Cactus Assorted
– 5.5″ Perennial Leucanthemum Lucille Chic
– 5.5″ Perennial Gaillardia Mesa Mix

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6.5 Inch Alocasia Black Velvet

6.5 Inch Calathea Makoyana

4 in Philodrenden Hastatum




Indoor and Outdoor Succulents.

We sell to a diverse group of customers and we thought some might find this to be a valuable “Tips and Tricks” video for Spring outdoor plant care. Enjoy!


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